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“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.” -Michael LeBoeuf

Account Acquisition

The hardest aspect of any business is acquiring new customers. With Tier One Consulting, your struggle is our niche. Allow us to build relationships, loyalty and customer retention with the consumers of your choice!

Leadership Training

Our biggest investment lies in the future leaders of our industry. Leadership development allows for qualified team members to move into management positions and offers our clients continued expansion.

Sales Consulting

As opposed to mass marketing methods, Tier One Consulting focuses on an entirely customized and personalized approach. Representing our clients with character and integrity is our highest priority.

Direct Marketing

At Tier One Consulting, our professionally trained team specializes in direct marketing campaigns, guaranteeing a 100% ROI. Let us be the smile and handshake behind your brand.


Welcome to Tier One Consulting, a dominating force in the marketing and sales industry! We represent multi-billion dollar clients in the telecommunications, fiber optics, and satellite broadcasting industries. Tier One Consulting was built on strong core values such as integrity, leadership, and excellence!



  • Talon Sturgill

    President & Founder

  • Tuipulotu Ofahulu

    Corporate Trainer

  • Melissa Ortalejo

    Corporate Trainer

  • Kamera Fletcher

    Account Manager

  • Steven Gomez

    Account Manager

  • Eli Reynolds

    Account Manager

  • Nico Tali

    Account Manager

Our Values


A company’s success stems from a strong and unified team.


What you do while no one is watching defines your character.

Work Ethic

Success doesn’t happen overnight; it takes resilience and dedication.


Be the type of leader that you would want to follow.


Represent your clients, customers, and brands in a professional manner.


Hard would should be rewarded and never go unrecognized.

Our Careers


Human Resources / Recruitment Internship This internship will focus on the internal affairs of the company, primarily improving the on-boarding

Management Trainee

We pride ourselves here at Tier One Consulting at providing our team members with an opportunity at a life-long career. We

Account Executive

Tier One Consulting is looking for entry level candidates wishing to begin their career in marketing and sales, for our open Account Executive

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